Cylinders for soda maker which are made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 filled up food grade CO2.  Service pressure 2,418PSI and test pressure 3,000PSI. 

To achieve the highest standards of quality and safety, all DCEC cylinders must be inspected and tested by TPED authorized independent inspection agency. Cylinders have proven to safest.

Furthermore, we also offer valve assembly service. It's our pleasure to give you service with any inquiries. 



Product Model

Service Pressure
(psi / bar)

Outside Diameter
(in / mm)

(in / mm)

(lbs / kgs)

Water Capacity
(cu in / liters)
Thread Size
(in / mm)
DC-BE06 2418 / 166.7 2.362 / 60 13.07 / 330 1.5 / 0.68 36.6 / 0.6  M18*15


1. This cylinder must be filled only by properly trained personnel in accordance with CGA Pamphlets P.1 and G-6.3 available from the Compressed Gas Association.

2. Valves must be installed or removed only by trained personnel.